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Our lawyers represent clients who have been severely injured in serious truck accidents. Everyday tractor-trailer and delivery trucks make their way across our local roads, traveling Route 495, Mass Pike Route 90, Route 9, Route 2 and other busy streets throughout Sudbury and Framingham, Massachusetts. In far too many instances, the drivers use excessive speed or may be suffering from fatigue. Many of the trucks themselves, semi trucks, flatbed trucks, tankers, and delivery box trucks have not been adequately maintained. Unfortunately, the end result of such negligence is that many area residents are severely injured or killed on the roads of Massachusetts.

If you or a family member has been injured in a collision with a truck, contact us to discuss your case free of charge.

Our attorneys assists clients as they pursue personal injury and wrongful death claims stemming from such incidents. Often a major difficulty faced by those involved in trucking accidents throughout the Framingham and Sudbury, Massachusetts area is that many trucks are owned by out-of-state commercial enterprises. These cases may give rise to more complicated lawsuits.

Our experience in representing clients in Massachusetts trucking accident cases have provided us the knowledge and resources required to fully represent our clients. We have had success in settling as well as trying such cases in a court of law. We help to ensure that our clients’ compensation will fully cover all of the medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and future expenses.

 Truck Accident Lawyers in Sudbury and Framingham, MA

We examine your case from all perspectives to work up a comprehensive valuation, hopefully enabling our clients to make a return to something that approximates their lives before the accident. For those very seriously injured, we work to recover all of the expenses needed for their future care and rehabilitation.

Our law offices are located in Sudbury and Framingham, Massachusetts.  Our attorneys provide quality legal services in all trucking and motor vehicle accidents, as well as all personal injury matters to individuals throughout the region. Call for a free case evaluation by phone.


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