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We are experienced attorneys with law offices in Sudbury and Framingham, Massachusetts. We concentrate our practice in the areas of family law, criminal defense, and personal injury.

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At the end of our cases, many of our clients tell us, “We hope we never have to meet you again.” Then, smiling, they add, “except under better circumstances.” And, the fact is, we feel the same. We do, indeed, hope none of our clients have another personal injury claim. We also hope the clients whom we represent in criminal law matters never have a run-in with the law again. But, if they do, we will gladly assist them again when they ask us to.  Many of our clients are referred to us from former clients, and we are we are pleased to be of service to these friends and family members. If you or a loved one needs the assistance of experienced attorneys, we hope you will consider contacting us first.

Our Commitment

Over the years, we have represented clients through stressful family law issues and the divorce process. Our firm has obtained substantial settlements and awards for our personal injury clients. We also have had a strong record of success in assisting criminal defendants. We are committed to maintaining our high standards and being there for our clients when they need us. We are dedicated to aggressively representing our clients. At the same time we know they need our compassionate understanding during what can be the most difficult time in their lives.

With law offices in Sudbury and Framingham, Massachusetts, we offer a free case evaluation by phone so we may better understand your situation and determine if we may be of assistance.

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